Complete Ecommerce Web site solution Packages.

E- Commerce

Last year USD 2 billion worth if products and service were sold online. Complete Ecommerce Web site solution Packages.

Our entire Ecommerce structure and solutions are exactly what the market demands today. The E-commerce experience we give allows our clients to have a very dynamic interaction with their customers, representation of their products, etc. the following aspects are what we offer our clients in the e-commerce package:

  • Project Management
  • Merchant Management
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Sales Report
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Customer Management
  • Shopper Features
  • Multi payment option
  • Unlimited Subcategories


  • Unlimited product features
  • Product ratings & reviews
  • Stock Control
  • Cataloguing

Customer Services

  • Orders stored & queued in database
  • Pre-sales registration
  • Maintenance of order history
  • Mandatory login before shopping
  • Regular customer recognition
  • Order Status (New order, pending, completed, returned)
  • Maintenance of mailing list
  • Express checkout

Administration Panel

  • Allows updates in product portfolio, details etc
  • Displays & prints orders
  • Enables report generation
  • Order tracking messages
  • Bulk mailing facility
  • Static HTML generation for search engines

Payments Options

  • Third party payment gateway i.e. PayPal, Google checkout, Worldpay, etc.

Shipping and Taxes

  • Provides shipping calculations – price range, quantity range, weight range, etc.